Dr. Antoinette DiMascio, Ph.D, C-IAYT, E-RYT500

YogaTherapy, IntuitiveSessions, Energy Healing, Ayurveda, Ion Cleanse,

In Person Sessions in Office or on Location

Compassionate and confidential individual or group sessions, in person or on location.

remote sessions

Secure Virtual Sessions are offered online at this time, if needed, for groups and individuals  as well as Workshops and Corporate sessions and classes.


Only $25.00 per month. Cancel anytime. Enjoy unlimited yoga and Ayurveda Classes for optimal health and everyday living. 


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Vedic Beauty Services

Organic and natural hair, skin and nail services offered. Cuts, Coloring, facials and mani- pedis with an Ayurvedic flair!

True natural beauty!

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Services Provided

Individual Therapy/Deliverance

Yoga, Grief and Spiritual Counseling, Deliverance, End-Of-Life Counseling, Intuitive Sessions, Readings, Tarot, Energy Healing, Ion Cleanse


Private and Confidential sessions are offered to individuals. Fees are per sessions or at a package rate.  Please see “Fees” page to learn more. Yoga Therapy Practices are customized after Initial session and intake information. I work with Clients on location or at my private office/studio locations in Glenville or Ballston Lake, NY. Virtual options are available. 

Group Therapy

Group Therapy sessions are private and confidential and follow the same protocols of Intake and Assessment for Individual sessions. Group sessions offer a collective theme, as opposed to working with each individual. These sessions can be given on location in offices, or other public spaces, as well as my Studio/Office in Ballston Lake. Virtual options are available.

Ayurvedic Sessions

Ayurvedic Wellness consultations can be given virtual or in person for individuals who wish to partake in the holistic and complementary evidence based wellness medium. Each client is assessed and a customized poplar is put forth and monitored.  Herbal supplements and supplies are also available to clients for convenience and to support them on this journey to Vitality and Wellness!

Session Areas of Focus

Anxiety Support/Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance

In Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda we look at the overall wellness of the 5 Koshas( Subtle body sheaths) or Sheaths to the body, as well as the Dohas or constitutional body types that Ancient Vedic traditions offer in this practice of Wellness. Clients will learn tools and how the Gut-brain function and lifestyle changes can support overall wellness and nourishment of the bodily systems to assist with Anxiety.

Depression Support

All of the Koshas( Subtle body Sheaths) in Vedic Tradition are assessed and addressed along with Ayurvedic Lifestyle practices for diet and daily living to support your Dharma( purpose) and allow you to foster a positive outlook and overall wellness for all bodily systems.


Yoga and Ayurvedic Traditions offer many tools and practices that can help Couples work thought conflicts and difficulties. As an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counselor, I can offer Counseling on a Yogic and Spiritual level, working individually with couples and assisting them to work together in their Dharmic( purpose) Driven life both personally as well as in their careers and family relationships.

Chronic Illness
Spiritual Clearing/ Deliverance

Yoga and Ayurveda have been proven to work quite effectively as an Evidence Based Practice to better assist in overcoming chronic physical and mental illness, especially where pain and mental well being are concerned. Many inflammatory issues, and mental ailments such as Arthritis, ADHD, Autism and Spectrum Disorders, Fibromyalgia, Lyme, Lupus...to name only a few can be effectively dealt with using these Therapies! Along with the above, if needed Christ centered spiritual clearing/cleansing will be performed removing the negative and dark energies from within the essence of the client.

Navigating life Changes

Grief, Divorce, End-Of-Life and Spiritual Counseling, other life changes. Learning to stay focused and at peace regardless of what life brings your way is a main focus of Yoga. The supported tools offered in my sessions teach you to and prepare you to navigate even the most stressful situations as well as the joyful purposes that life brings to us all! Feel confident and ready as well as equipped with a tool kit of practices to support anything that may come your way!

Trauma and PTSD Support

By working with the whole person, Yoga and Ayurveda Therapies are a wonderful way to move though reoccurring suffering and trauma. By learning to listen to your body, and effectively applying tools, the Client is able to trust the natural process of healing and feel better in control. Purpose, a more positive outlook and joy re-enter their lives, and positive shifts create a path of Joy and Healing.

common questions

Although Yoga has been practiced in some form for millennia, we are just beginning to understand these mechanisms form a Western Scientific Perspective.  A toll applied in one area_ say, a breathing practice can profoundly affect a completely different area of the body or the mind.  Researchers think this works partly because of Yoga’s ability to regulate the nervous system and possible to affect the way the brain processes information.  Another reason Yoga Therapy works so well is that it’s not a treatment done to a patient- Yoga Therapists instead empower clients to tap into their own innate healing capabilities!

This Initial session for an individual can last about 1.5 to 2 hours for the initial assessment and intake. Each subsequent session can last about 1 hr.  For group sessions, each session is about 1 hr.

At this time I do not accept Health Insurance. However the IAYT(International Association of Yoga Therapy) is in ongoing negotiations to create the possibility of Major Insurance Carriers adding Yoga Therapy to their list of accepted providers. I am able to partner with Licensed Medical Professionals to offer Co-Visits in Functional Medicine. Some Medical Practices are able to bill Insurance Companies through their Practice for my services if offered under their umbrella. If you are a Licensed Medical Professional that would like to Partner with me to offer a more comprehensive approach to Chronic illness for your Patient, please contact me for more details. If you are Patient looking to retain my services and would like to see if that is an option, please feel free to ask you Provider or contact me directly.

Sessions can be set for weekly, monthly or as needed. After initial session we can work together to set a schedule that works for your success!

Yes. All information shared in any of my sessions is held confidential. As I am not a licensed Medical Professional, I am not obligated to uphold HIPPA regulations, however, no data or information shared in sessions is ever published or shared.  If client is in danger I uphold and invoke my right to report to the appropriate family members as given permission to me in the intake form, or the proper Medical professionals or authorities out of moral obligation, and safety for all. 

You can fill out out the secure contact form on the site or contact me directly via phone or email!

All of the fees are listed on the “Fees” page. Corporate wellness, Vedic Beauty Services or Ministry services are quoted upon request once initial consultation via phone have taken place.

Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda is a safe way of working with the natural capacity of your body and mind to optimize well-being.  Because yoga itself offers tools that tough on the whole spectrum of human experience, Yoga Therapy can offer support for a range of concerns:

+ Pain from various sources

+ Neurologic Issues

+ Mental Health

+ Major Chronic Illness

+ Healthy again

+ Death and Dying

Yoga Therapy can also support people who are dealing with stress, and those who simply want to increase their overall well-being.

Every Body is different, and unique. And every situation in life needs different amounts of time and attention. Our goal together is to foster your body’s innate ability to heal and learn tools and techniques from a Yoga and Ayurveda standpoint, that you can apply in everyday life. I have clients that work with me for only a few sessions, and some that I have seen and worked with for years both on a regular basis, and evolutionary process as well as an as needed basis. 

I can travel to see clients on site, or at my office/studio Ballston Lake( see contact page) or at Vitality Specialty Foods , 3441 Amsterdam Rd, Glenville NY 12302. Sessions booked by appointment only.

A general public Yoga class can certainly ease everyday aches, pains, and mood complaints.  But a Yoga Therapy Session goes much further because it is completely tailored to the individual. IAYT-certified Yoga Therapists have in-depth training to help them assess and keep clients safe, and to interact with other healthcare professionals effectively!

Absolutely!  As Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner, we are trained to bridge the gap between Yoga and healthcare.  I can arrange co-visits with other licensed providers, and I work hard to stay within my scope of practice as I am not a Licensed Medical Professional. You can work with both me and a qualified practitioner from another medical field. In fact, Yoga and Ayurveda is a wonderful complementary therapy that can better complete your path to wellness.  Studies have shown  in some cases, that people who incorporate Yoga and  Ayurveda along with their traditional Western Medical practices and treatment have better, faster, and longer lasting and sustainable results!

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