Integrative and Intuitive Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, and Spiritual Counseling

Yoga Therapy, Intuitive, and Ayurvedic wellness sessions to assist with chronic physical and emotional illness and overcoming, stress and trauma. Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance, Ancient Vedic Beauty for hair, skin, and total body wellness.

Dr.Antoinette DiMascio Ph.D.

Dr. Antoinette DiMascio,  Ph.D., C- IAYT,  E-RYT500 was one of the first Practitioners in the U.S to integrate Organic and Holistic Beauty and Wellness practices. Over 25 years as a licensed professional in the Beauty and wellness industry, Ms. DiMascio can bring a new level of experience to her craft.  Antoinette understands the importance of balance and self care that need to be taken in order to succeed and be at your peak creative potential in business or everyday life. As Doctor of Metaphysics and Religious Studies, Advanced Therapeutic Yoga instructor, E-RYT-500 / Yoga Therapist and Herbalist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Master Energy Worker and Reiki Master- her belief in natural beauty and our deep connection to the earth create a client experience like no other. Her client offerings are  further enhanced by her work in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance.

Areas Of Expertise

Dr. Antoinette has had extensive experience working with trauma survivors, chronic illnesses, sensory disorders and fostering resilience and mindfulness in the workplace, as well as assisting her clients to seek and execute their Dharma( purpose) in their career and personal life. Using the Yogic tools of Asana( posture), Pranayama( Breath), Mudra( Hand gestures), Meditations, Mantra (Chant) and Ayurveda( Life Truth or Science, Ancient Nourishment and Lifestyle Practices), the entire person is served, with Wisdom, Compassion and Love. Clients learn to take back their power and trust their own bodies to heal though the support of Dr. Antoinette.

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