Dr. Antoinette DiMascio, Ph.D, C-IAYT, E-RYT500

Yoga Therapy,
Spiritual Warfare, Ayurveda, Ion Cleanse Session Rates

Individual or Group Session

 $150-$250 Initial 90min



60 min 

Follow up Sessions

10 Session Package Therapy, Ion Cleanse

$2000/10 Sessions- Therapy


IonCleanse $45/session

$400/10 sessions

Group Sessions


$250 / 60 min Group Sessions


Spiritual Counseling/ Cleansing




Spiritual Warfare


Areas of Expertise

+ Trauma, Intuitive Sessions
+ Chronic Physical and Mental Illness
+ Resilience in the Workplace
+ Mindfulness, Grief/End of Life Counseling
+ Aligning with your Dharma( Purpose)
+ Ayurvedic Wellness,Energy Healing
+ Interfaith Ministry / Spiritual Counseling
+ Vedic Beauty-Organic Hair,Skin,nail services
+ Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance


There are no cancellation fees at this time as all sessions are pre-paid. Missed sessions are not charged for the first missed appointment. After that, if the Client does not call to cancel 24 hours in advance – the full session charge will be deducted.

Health Insurance

At this time I do not accept Health Insurance. However the IAYT(International Association of Yoga Therapy) is in ongoing negotiations to create the possibility of Major Insurance Carriers adding Yoga Therapy to their list of accepted providers. I am able to partner with Licensed Medical Professionals to offer Co-Visits in Functional Medicine. Some Medical Practices are able to bill Insurance Companies through their Practice for my services if offered under their umbrella. If you are a Licensed Medical Professional that would like to Partner with me to offer a more comprehensive approach to Chronic illness for your Patient, please contact me for more details. If you are Patient looking to retain my services and would like to see if that is an option, please feel free to ask your Provider or contact me directly.

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